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About us

Locally owned and operated by Lisa and Wayne Copland since Nov 2018.

 We are community focused and passionate about providing a quality preschool for our local and neighbouring communities.  

We ensure quality ratios within a well resourced learning environment. 


Our 3 learning environments allow for kaiako to plan for and deliver a curriculum which is age/stage appropriate, documenting learning online using EDUCA. You will be communicated with throughout your child's learning journey. 

Meet our staff

Led by our qualified and experienced owner/manager Lisa, our teaching team have many years of experience between them. 
Our shared leadership approach recognises the strengths of all kaiako and allows the right people to lead the right areas.

Small teams of teachers ensure regular faces everytime you walk through the door.



Follow the link to download an enrolment form or make a booking enquiry. 

We love to meet you face to face so get in touch to make a time to meet with us.



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